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1553 Mass Data Recorder (MDR)


Western Avionics are pleased to announce their new innovative MDR (Mass Data Recorder) range of instruments.

The MDR is a self contained recording system capable of continuously monitoring  data activity, simultaneously, on a data bus. This generic design approach allows the system to be configured to monitor and analyse data from a wide range of data buses such as LDB (Space Shuttle Launch Data Bus), Mil Std 1553A, Mil STD 1553B and MACAIR.

The LDB variant of the MDR allows simultaneous monitoring and storing of data from 4 LDB buses. The 1553 variant allows simultaneous monitoring and storing of data from 4 full dual redundant 1553 data buses.

In all cases, the system allows data logging, time-stamping and saving of bus traffic to a file. The  duration of this recording is only limited by the hard disc drive capacity (default max file size is 400GBytes).  After data recording, the user can use the sophisticated MDR Search Engine to analyse the captured data to find specific events or series of events.

At present Western Avionics can offer, as a COTs item,  the LDB, Mil Std 1553A, Mil STD 1553B and MACAIR variants of this instrument. However, as a design house, Western Avionics would be pleased to speak to any customer interested in extending the analyser to work on their own requirements, including their own proprietary data bus.

Click here for MDR Product Data Sheet