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1553-3910-Arinc 429-VXI-VME-PCI-cPCI-ISA-PC104


Western Avionics Ltd. design and manufacture simulation, test and analysis hardware modules that include the support of MIL-STD-1553, STANAG 3910, and Space Shuttle databuses, providing these products to major aerospace customers. Platforms provided include PCI, CompactPCI, PC/ISA, PMC, M-Module, VME, VXI, handhelds, and custom solutions.  All our register based products supplied since 1997 have utilised a proven common core hardware architecture design, with a common suite of full function software drivers supplied in C source code, running directly on the target module, with the Application Interface being entirely operating system independent.

We provide a high level of configurable hardware on all our current products, together with configurable firmware, which allows cost effective tailoring of standard products to meet individual customer requirements for specific applications.

All products are supplied complete with three years warranty against all defects in hardware and software, Certificates of Conformance, Test Certificates, and driver software libraries supplied in C source code, with Windows GUI's where appropriate, with all User Manuals required.

As well as standard COTs products, Western Avionics is also a hardware/software design house offering cost effective solutions to bespoke design requirements. All too often a customer requires something different from the main stream generic card or instrument. This is where we come in. All products, including hardware, firmware and software are re-configurable allowing easy cost effective changes to tailor the product to specific characteristics not available on standard COTS products. So, for example, if you need a special event to be flagged or a change in the protocol of the data bus to be accepted, we can provide it for little or no extra cost.

Further to this Western Avionics is also VERY competitive when designing new products that are not available on the market. Often a customer requires the designing of a product specific to their needs.
Our wealth of knowledge of various interface buses such as PCI, VME, USB and VXI enables us to provide a cost effective solution with very fast turn-round.



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JAN 08, 2015

New LabVIEW drivers for our cards

These drivers are a comprehensive set of VIs based on the functions available in our DLL drivers.
These drivers allow the user to easily create 1553 applications in the LabVIEW environment.
These LV drivers are purely for 1553 and do not have any 3910 related funcionality. However, these drivers CAN still be used on 3910 cards if the user wants to create a pure 1553 application on their 3910 card. These LabVIEW Drivers can be found in the 'SOFTWARE AREA' under LabVIEW_1553_Install.exe

New 1553 MDR System
Our Mass Data Expandable Recorder System monitors all Bus traffic and records it permanently for archival purposes.
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Bus Data Recording System 2008.
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WA73A-455 2-CH MIL-STD-1553A/B Bus Simulator Module
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1553 USB Unit
Our 1553 USB based hand held unit
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SEAM™ Data Bus Software
SEAM™ Data Bus Software
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